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IV Drip Bar is a strictly MOBILE IV infusion therapy company providing high-quality IV infusions and Vitamin injections in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Our mission is to help our clients feel better quickly without the hassle of driving to a clinic.

All therapies are administered by A

registered nurse under the direction of the medical director. with our service range along the emerald coast from navarre, mary esther, fort walton beach, niceville, shalimar, okaloosa island, destin, and Miramar beach, WE come to you! Don't wait, book your appointment today!

IV Cocktail Menu

myers cocktail


The Myers' cocktail is named for the late john myers, m.d., a maryland physician who used intravenous injections of nutrients to treat many chronic conditions. conditions that have responded positively to the myers' cocktail treatment include asthma, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, firbromyalgia, muscle spasms, pain, allergies, and sinus and respiratory tract infections. the benefits of the myers' cocktail iv are well documented , especially its effective treatment of headaches, fatigue, mood disorders, and circulatory issues, The myers' cocktail contains electrolytes, b-complex (Vitamins b1/2/3/5/6) B12, magnesium, vitamin c, and glutathione.

hair of the dog (hangover)


Party a little to hard last night? that's ok, it happens. We've got just the thing you need to get rid of those crippling hangover symptoms and fast. this iv blend works by rehydrating your body and replacing the vitamins and minerals that have been depleted from alcohol consumption. it also helps relieve symptoms by giving your body minerals like magnesium that reduce inflammation. this blend contains electrolytes, vitamins B1/2/3/5/6, and magnesium.

hot toddy (immune boost)


staying healthy and active is essential in avoiding sickness like the cold and flu. if you're like most people, you don't consume enough vitamins and minerals from food to keep your immune system as strong as it could be. our immune boost blend fills the cap and provides the body with the essential vitamins and minerals to keep your immune system in tip top shape. this blend contains high dose vitamin c, electrolytes, vitamins b1/2/3/5/6, Glutathione, and magnesium.

the arnold palmer (Energy & Performance)


If you live a very active lifestlye, this is the blend for you! formulated to give you a huge boost of energy and allow your body to perform at the level that you need it to. it is perfect for athletes, runners, weightlifters and everyone in between who demands more from their body. whether you're training hard, or have a long active day coming up, this blend will give you the boost you need to perform at your best. This blend contains electrolytes, Vitamins b1/2/3/5/6, and b12, magnesium,

Tri-amino blend of Arginine, Citrulline, ornithine



extra fluid

$50 (1000ml)

$30 (500ml)

Helps combat symptoms caused by dehydration and is balanced with fluids and electrolytes.

extra Glutathione


master antioxidant that decreases with age. reduces inflammation, detoxifies liver and improves quality of skin.

extra Vitamin C


increases energy, fights disease, strengthens tissues in the body.

extra B12


increases energy, aids in weight loss, improves sleep and boosts mood.

Shot Menu (Injections)

Vitamin b12


Well known for increasing energy and metabolism, as well as improving your mood and your sleep.

Super "B" Energy


A potent dose of all your b vitamins, b1 through b12. Gives you an energy boost!

Ultimate performance


This shot combines the energy boosting benefits of b12 with 3 amino acids that improve blood flow throughout the body helping you perform at peak levels.

frequently asked questions

How does iv therapy work?

Traditionally, IV therapy took place in a medical office or hospital, but today you can receive IV therapy in the comfort of your own home, office, or event. IV therapy delivers a hydrating solution with electrolytes (Lactated Ringers) through a small plastic tube inserted directly into the bloodstream. During treatment, a Registered Nurse will insert an IV line into an accessible vein. The IV line is attached to the bag of solution, which is hung above your head. Essential fluids and minerals inside of the IV bag will be carried into your veins over a period of time. The typical treatment takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

why iv therapy instead of oral vitamins/supplements?

Intravenous (IV) therapy offers a way to safely deliver greater doses of essential fluids, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly to the body that would otherwise not be fully dispersed or received through oral ingestion. IV therapy circumvents digestion by pushing the nutrients through the bloodstream straight into the cells. Simply put, hydration and nutrients administered by the IV route are 95% available to your body and are much more effective at hydrating and nourishing your body than taking water and vitamins by mouth.

Are there possible side effects?

Major side effects are rare. However, any time there is a needle physically entering the skin, there is a small risk of infection, bleeding, bruising, and slight pain. Our team of registered nurses take all medical precautions to avoid these common side effects by including proper preparation, proper needle size to help reduce pain. Occasionally, our clients might report cooling of their arm or a warm sensation as nutrients enter their bloodstream. These are normal non-medically concerning sensations.

more frequently asked questions

what results should I expect?

Our clients almost immediately experience a boost of energy. When the body reaches optimal mineral and vitamin levels, it can then support proper metabolism, cortisol levels, cellular health, mood, and good sleep patterns. Our IV drips can also bolster the immune system, which is especially beneficial during he cold and allergy season.

Are there any contraindications to receiving Iv therapy?

Unfortunately, yes. Prior to any Infusion or injection you must complete a form giving health history, current medications and consent. The RN will check your vital signs prior to any infusion. Absolute contraindications to Infusions are history of chronic kidney disease or failure, liver disease and heart failure. There are some contraindications in certain vitamins with other health conditions or medications. Your health and safety are our top priority and we have specific medical protocols created by our medical directors to keep clients safe. All pregnant patients, or patients being treated for cancer require a consent from their medical provider and in some other chronic conditions as well.

what should I do to prepare for my appointment?

Prior to the appointment, we recommend drinking plenty of water and having a bite to eat for best results. We recommend emptying your bladder prior to our arrival so you can sit/ lay back and relax. We want you to be comfortable, don’t worry about us, we will adapt to your surroundings once we arrive.

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